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Why you don't use Natural yeast ?

Why you don't use Natural yeast ?
8 febbraio 2016
Natural yeast comes from the natural water and flour acidification, since microorganisms are typically present in both of these ingredients as well as in the surrounding environment. 
Such microorganisms trigger natural rising: millions of bacteria live undisturbed in our organism, certain species are really useful though. Compared to the most common yeasts bakeries normally use to make breads and pastries, natural yeast process requires a much longer time for fermentation. 
This slow process favours the development of bacteria that are involved in producing healthy lactic and acetic acids. We’ve been losing these healthy processes throughout the centuries mainly because of the increasing market demand that inevitably led to faster but less wholesome industrial methods. 
Luckily, nowadays we are getting back to the old flavours and traditions, such as those ones related to the production of natural yeast. First of all, lactic bacteria fermentation favours a high digestibility for our organism and can be conceived as a natural preservative. 
Natural yeast lacks artificial additives and preservatives, being more tolerated by those with diabetes. 
Natural yeast bread implies indeed a limited increase in blood sugars, meaning a limited insuline production and stimulates a proper feeling of fullness, which is really helpful in case of diabetes disease. Finally, natural yeast fosters a greater absorption of nutritive substances - such as antioxidants, folic acid, iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium and B vitamines - and thanks to microorganisms, protein particles are modified or eliminated, thus reducing any chance of wheat intolerance and celiac disease, which requires a gluten-free diet.
It's natural, it's free. Why you don't try it?


Can I create it by myself? (9 febbraio 2016 00:00)
Hi Rosa, Your blog is becoming very interesting for me. Just a question: can I try to create it by myself or I need to buy from you? Cheers, Ruby

Ruby - ACT
Can I create it by myself? (9 febbraio 2016 20:33)
Hello Ruby, thank you for your comment. Absolutely YES. You can start to create a natural yeast by yourself. No worries, in the next days you'll find how start to create a new Natural Yeast. Have a good day.

Rosa - Australia
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