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23 agosto 2018 - the-Rosa-blog

Prova, provammxcmmd  dkk   jklsfjgfw gfhjee ... Leggi!

12 febbraio 2016 - Mixed Leaving French Loaf - Baguette

Hello Everybody, today you can see how to bake Mixed Leaving French Loaf with natural yeast at your home with only natural ingredients! Let me know if you have any question. Enjoy. See the video: ... Leggi!

8 febbraio 2016 - Why you don't use Natural yeast ?

Natural yeast comes from the natural water and flour acidification, since microorganisms are typically present in both of these ingredients as well as in the surrounding environment.  Such microorganisms trigger natural rising: millions of bacteria live undisturbed in our organism, certain sp ... Leggi!

28 dicembre 2015 - Welcome to the Rosa's Blog!

The food blogs are constantly increasing, but I'm stubborn and I attempt the same !!  My passion and love for cooking inspires me to do this and more. With this blog I would just share with you all my passion and introduce you to the ancient flavors, to the use of natural yeast to crea ... Leggi!

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